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24 Colors Polymer Clay

Price €22 (€16 + €6 in CU)

Material:Safe and Non-toxic Clay;
Package Listing:24×Clay,14×Tools,25×Other Accessories

1.The clay is easy to shape, bend, stretch and will not mess up your house.
2.Playing modeling clay can improve children’s practical ability,observation ability,creativity,logical capability and thinking capacity possibilities.

1.Super clean, not sticky, leaving no residue.
2.A variety of colors, you can use a large proportion of the basic colors to deploy a variety of colors, mixed color easy, easy to operate.
3.Does not need to bake, natural air dry, dry will not crack.
4.Drying rate depends on the size of the work, the general surface drying time of about 24 hours.
5.The works can be preserved for 4 to 5 years without deterioration does not mildew.
6.Easy to save raw materials,add some water moisture in the drying time, and can restore.

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