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Van Ness Products Pureness Covered Cat Litter Box, Extra-Giant

Price €15 (€9 + €6 in CU)

This Van Ness Products Pureness Covered Cat Litter Box has an enclosed design. It offers enough room to move around in and it makes sure litter does not end up on the floor outside the area. This enclosed cat litter box has an odor and stain-resistant finish and an easy-to-clean surface. The large size makes it suitable for big cats and multiple cat households. The enclosed design provides odor control and the benefits of scoop-free maintenance for litter.

Van Ness Products Pureness Covered Cat Litter Box, Extra-Giant:

  1. Enclosed cat litter can
  2. Plenty of room inside for a cat to move around
  3. Ensures litter doesn’t end up outside the designated area
  4. Includes handle on top for easy lifting and carrying
  5. Ideal for large cats and multiple cat households
  6. High-polished finish that’s odor and stain resistant and easy to clean
  7. Offers the benefits of litter scoop-free maintenance combined with the odor control qualities of an enclosed pan
  8. Front flap for easy access
  9. Extra-giant Van Ness cat litter box
  10. 1 box
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