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Auto Drive Wireless Backup Camera

Price €67 (€45 + €22 in CU)

Eliminate the anxiety and uncertainty of reversing your car into tight spaces with the Auto Drive Wireless Backup Camera. This camera mounts easily on the rear of your vehicle and adjusts to give you a full view of your surroundings. Keep the high quality LCD monitor on your dashboard so you can drive with more confidence. The advanced night vision capabilities are perfect for use after hours and in dark spaces. With the Auto Drive Wireless Backup Camera, its almost as if you have an extra set of eyes on the back of your head!

  1. Backup camera allows you to reverse your vehicle with confidence and ease
  2. Adjustable camera angle gives you a view of your surroundings
  3. Equipped with night vision capabilities
  4. Convenient wireless design straightforward installation instructions
  5. High quality color LCD display
  6. Monitor measures 4.3 in (16:9 TFT)
  7. Waterproof camera withstands diverse weather conditions
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