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AZSPORT 3lb*2 lb Ankle and Wrist Weights

Price €15 (€10 + €5 in CU)

INCREASE AND BOOST ENDURANCE. Intensify effects of your daily training for better stamina with this ankle and wrist weights. Its perfect load supports strengthening of endurance even with the simplest exercises.

TONE LEGS AND ARMS WHILE BURNING CALORIES – Adding sufficient weight while in action stimulates muscles to enhance strength, burn more calories and improve bone density. With its simple design, you can accelerate firming your upper and lower body easily any time of the day.

IMPROVE EXERCISE VERSATILITY. Add challenge to your daily workout with this weightlifting cuffs. This clever tool provides a convenient way to add extra resistance to basic exercises.

DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE. Made from top rate neoprene fabric that secures skin comfort, moisture absorption and heavy duty performance. Well-constructed design for equal load distribution with an adjustable Velcro strap for cozy fit around your ankles and wrists.

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