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Basic Necklace 14.8 In Silver

Price €13 (€8 + €5 in CU)

Necklace Length is 14.8 in, the adjustable chain can be extended to 16.5 or 17.7 in. 37.5 cm = 14.8 in; 42 cm = 16.5 in; 45 cm = 17.7 in. Always make sure that your jewelry box has a fantastic arsenal of durable and elegant necklace chains. The Soufeel Basic necklace measures in 14.8 inches and is perfect for stringing up our charms and beads.

Wear one at a time, or add on multiples to create a design that is unique to your own style and personality. This .925 sterling silver chain looks rich and timeless. The short length will nestle anything you string up on it right at your clavicle. Because this is a Soufeel design, it is very durable, will keep your charms on your neck and will stand the test of time. Pair this up with our longer necklace chains to create your own layered necklace combo.

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