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Classic Black YogaPaws FULL SET

Price €30 (€22 + €8 in CU)
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YogaPaws grippy outsides and absorbent insides remove all distractions.  Don’t worry about your mat slipping on the floor, losing your grip on the barbell, or sliding on a drenched mat — YogaPaws take the worry away.

Uniquely created with the user in mind, your hands are secure and in charge – but not bound and compressed.  YogaPaw feet provide a sure-footedness you’ve not experienced before.  You can yoga on paddleboards, in a stream, on slippery rocks, pavement, grass, or simply the floor, with no fear of losing balance due to the conditions.

  1. Lightweight and Compact – leave your mat at home. YogaPaws easily fit in your handbag or pocket.
  2. Superior Grip and Stabilization
  3. Padded for your Pleasure – SkinThins offer 2mm of extra cushion while Elites offer 5mm of extra cushion
  4. Versatile – Ideal for multiple fitness activities including Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Bicycling, and Pole.
  5. Made of Natural Rubber and Breathable Mesh: YogaPaws are harmless to the environment and will not cause allergies or irritation of the skin. They’re also completely Latex-Free.
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