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Cobra Rad450 Rad 450 Radar Detector

Price €127 (€105 + €22 in CU)

Cobra Electronics’ RAD 450 Radar and Laser Detector keeps drivers aware of their surroundings while protecting them against all radar and laser guns used today. Its Anti-Falsing Circuitry and updateable In-Vehicle Technology filter not only reduces false alerts from blind-spot systems and traffic-flow monitoring devices, but also eliminates erroneous alerts from sources like collision-avoidance systems, so users hear just what they need to hear. The OLED display and VoiceAlert provides intuitive band identification and easy-to-understand alerts for an accurate and informed drive. The RAD 450 comes pre-programmed for both English and Spanish voice and text alerts. Radar detectors are legal in all 50 states except Virginia and Washington, D.C.

  1. Detects All Radar Signals (x, K & Ka Bands Signal Strength Indicated), Laser & Vg2 Signals
  2. Instant-on Ready
  3. Lasereye Detects Laser Signals From Both Front & Rear
  4. Ivt Filter Automatically Reduces False Alerts From Erroneous Sources In-vehicle Technology Sources Such As Vehicle Collision Avoidance Systems & Adaptive Cruise Control
  5. Adjustable Sensitivity Automatically Reduces False Alerts From Garage Door Openers, Other Radar Detectors & Fixed Position Traffic Flow Monitoring Systems
  6. Quietdrive Muted Driving Mode For Less Audible Feedback During Voice Conversations
  7. Bright White Oled Display
  8. Eng/sp Voice & Text Alerts



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