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Comllen Bamboo Cutlery Tray

Price €7 (€4 + €3 in CU)
  1. Durable kitchen utensils drawer organizer designed to conveniently fit into any space needed, keeping you clutter-free & organized.
  2. Made of 100% organic bamboo materials prevents cross contamination for you & your family’s safety.
  3. Product measurement: 15.8″ x 10″ x 1.7″
  4. Tableware organizing box features dividers with 6 slots to accommodate various sized spoons, forks, knives, spatulas & more.
  5. Durable strong quality and fantastic oiling fit your kitchen drawer just fine. 10 years warranty.

Product Measurement:
Item Length: 15.8″
Item Width: 10″
Item Height: 1.7″

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