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Daikin FTXB25C / RXB25C Heat Pump Wall Mounted Unit

Price €621 (€500 + €121 in CU)

Key Features
• Seasonal efficiency values up to A+
• Flat, stylish front panel blends easily within any interior décor and is easier to clean
• The infrared remote control is user friendly and equipped with a timer function that enables you to programme the unit to start or stop at your desired time.
• Vertical auto swing moves the discharge flaps up and down for efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room
• 24 hour timer can be set to start heating or cooling anytime during a 24 hour period
• Heat pumps are all-in-one heating & cooling solutions for residential & commercial applications. They extract thermal energy from the ambient air and are therefore more energy efficient and emit far less CO2 than comparable fossil fuel based boiler systems.
• Daikin outdoor units are equipped with an anti-corrosion treated heat exchanger (blue fin) which ensures greater resistance to the most severe weather conditions
• Outdoor units for pair application
• Wide range of units offers maximum application potential
• Daikin outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can easily be mounted on a roof or terrace or simply placed against an outside wall

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