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De’Longhi TRRS0715 Radia-S Oil Filled Column Radiator

Price €68 (€71 + €17 in CU)
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Providing a comforting warmth to any room, the Radia-S TRRS0715 Oil-Filled Column Radiator by De’Longhi is an essential item to have when the temperature drops.

The Radia-S TRRS0715 is designed with enlarged fins for a better and more even heat distribution. This appliance uses diathermic oil to release heat gradually, while a chimney effect strongly pushes the outgoing airflow, making the air hotter and circulate around the room more.

Key Features:

  1. 3 power settings
  2. Room thermostat
  3. Safety auto-off
  4. Pre-assembled castors
  5. Anti-frost function
  6. Cord storage
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