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Escort Passport X70 Radar Detector

Price €170 (€122 + €48 in CU)

Don’t get caught off guard on the highway again, because with the Escort Passport X70 Smartphone Enabled Radar Detector, you’ll know exactly where those pesky speed traps are lurking.

This long range radar detector gives you peak performance from the device or from your mobile smartphone with the Live Radar App, which allows you to track speed limit changes, reported speed traps, more. This long range detector includes Laser, X Band, K Band, Ka Wideband, City/Highway Modes, and POP Radar Gun coverage. It also features a high resolution OLED display, mute and automute, real time text and voice alerts, and more.

Compatible with most vehicle models, this design allows you to easily mount onto your windshield, making the Escort Passport X70 Smartphone Enabled Radar Detector a breeze to use.

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