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Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV 285/50 R20 112V

Price €227 (€200 + €27 in CU)
In stock

Tyre size: 285/50 R20

Speed index: V = max 149 mph

Load index: 112 = max 1120 kg

Season: Summer

Vehicle type: 4×4

Technology description:

Goodyear Efficientgrip SUV tyres is the perfect product for SUVs and/or 4×4 vehicles. The tyres are distinguished by a short braking distance on dry and wet surfaces, high durability, driving precision and fuel saving. The model is produced using Fuel Saving technology which directly translates into a lower fuel consumption due to reduced rolling resistance. The tyre is lightweight but with its modern material make up, it is also highly resistant to different types of mechanical damage. Its special tread was made with a clever use of resins which improve traction and consequently the tyre’s grip even when braking on wet roads.

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