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iGo Silicone 3 Oz Travel Bottles with Reusable Clear Bag, 4 count

Price €7 (€4 + €3 in CU)

Unlike many plastic travel bottles with limited uses, this iGo 4 Count of Silicone 3 oz Travel Bottles and Reusable Bag has a variety of uses due to its silicone make. These travel bottles are different than the average bottle because of its comfortable and curved grip and squeeze bottle function. This travel pack is not only perfect for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but also for lotions, hand sanitizers, and other thicker liquids.

You can also use these bottles to store craft supplies like glue or corn starch. Not only do they have a squeeze dispenser, there is also a twist off wide opening for easy pouring of your liquids. The pack also features a quart sized reusable zipper bag to store the bottles for convenience. The bottle also features a snap close lid to help eliminate leaks and spills. Holding 3 oz, it is the ideal size for travel or any small liquid need. Each pack comes in a variety of colors.

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