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iGo Sliding Toothbrush Holder

Price €1.5 (€1.1 + €0.4 in CU)

Keeping your toothbrush clean and secure, the iGo Sliding Toothbrush Holder and Tray is a necessary travel accessory. This travel toothbrush container can carry one toothbrush and fits almost any size. The sliding toothbrush holder is safer than ever as it has a slide in to lock design, making your contents inside more secure than ever. Rather than wasting another plastic bag, or even worse letting germs get to your toothbrush by being exposed, get the iGo sliding toothbrush holder and tray for ultimate protection.

The slender design also makes this travel accessory ideal for storage in small spaces such as purses, backpacks, or carry-ons. Whether youre going on a weekend trip, traveling across the country, or just going to the office, this toothbrush holder and tray will keep your toothbrush secure so you can rest easy knowing nothing harmful is getting to your bristles.

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