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Apple iPod Touch 6 32GB Silver

Price €198 (€121 + €77 in CU)

Discover the MP3 player that revolutionized portable media devices with the Apple iPod Touch 32GB. When it was originally introduced in 2010, it changed the game forever, allowing users to stream music and video from a single, lightweight, effortlessly portable device.

Since its initial release, the 4″ iPod Touch has become even more feature-rich, with retina display, a 32GB hard drive, 1080p HD video recording with up to 40 hours of video playback, an eight megapixel camera and more.

Touchscreen controls empower effortless operation. The portable iPod Touch comes with ear buds and a charging cable. 

Apple iPod touch 32GB:

  1. Memory: 32 GB
  2. Portable iPod touch has touchscreen controls
  3. Bluetooth capable
  4. Wireless LAN
  5. Battery is built-in
  6. 4″ retina display
  7. 1080p HD video recording
  8. Up to 40 hours audio playback
  9. 8-hour video
  10. 8 Megapixel camera
  11. Includes ear buds and charging cable
  12. Available in Blue, Gold, Pink, White and Silver and Space Gray
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