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Ivation Premium 2 Pound Ankle Weights Set

Price €13 (€9 + €4 in CU)

Go the distance with rehabilitation, fitness and more.
When it comes to the process of recovery, you may feel that rebuilding strength, motion and muscle flexibility takes a long time and tests your patience. With this new ankle weights set from Ivation, you can put a spring in your step towards renewed wellbeing. These wearable weights are equally as effective for rehab work and physical therapy as they are for sports training and everyday fitness regimens. Whether you’re a pro sports trainer, a physical therapist, or an ardent home exercise program fan, you’ll love this set.

A Workout You Can Wear
Reap the benefits of weighted calisthenics without holding weights in your hands. These ankle weights are perfect for physical therapy, knee and leg raises during ab routines, treadmill/power walking, jogging, kickboxing, and yoga.

Moisture-Wicking Material
Soft, comfortable and non-abrasive materials provide endless hours of wearing comfort in all environments. The cushioned layers absorb moisture and sweat, and the surface is washable with mild soap and water. Ready for use after air-dry.

One Size Adjusts to Fit All
Extra wide, highly durable Velcro closures adjust in seconds to fit your foot or arm. Tighten or loosen them at any time during use for a secure fit that enables perfect workout form and improves mobility. Weights set is wonderful for balance training.

Sleek Enough for Daily Wear
Take your fitness efforts beyond the gym by inconspicuously wearing these under your pant legs. Men, women, boys and girls can all squeeze in an extra little bit of healthy work while performing everyday activities such as household chores, etc.

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