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Pedy Aquarium Heater 300W

Price €19 (€12 + €7 in CU)

PEDY submersible aquarium heaters using high heat transfer efficiency of titanium alloy, making the heating time shorter. 300 watt is perfect for 50-60 gallon large aquariums with heating temperature range 68 to 93°F.

Aquarium heaters made of high quality Titanium Alloy, double seal material and Insulation Teflon, providing explosion-proof, shatterproof, IP68 waterproof, scald-preventing and safe operation for you and your pets. Aquarium tank heater with amazing shatter-resistant construction, this titanium fully submersible aquarium heater is Anti-corrosion whether in saltwater or freshwater.

Fish aquarium heater with automatically shut-off the power to avoid overheating and damage, keeping your pet fish healthy in time.

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