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Pennington Classic Wild Bird Feed and Seed, 10 lbs

Price €5.5 (€3.5 + €2 in CU)

Pennington Classic Wild Bird Feed. Great entertainment for your yard. The bird feed people. Pennington bird seed has been specially formulated to attract different types of birds based on scientific experimentation. Today, the birds’ choice of seed, their dietary requirements and the nutritional value of each ingredient are used to establish a balanced blend. Vitamins and minerals supplements, not readily available in nature, are added to the bird seed mixtures and blends creating an enriched seed diet that birds love. The pennington wild bird band chooses only the best… seriously tasty, highly nutritional, vitamin enriched Pennington wild bird seed. Turn your backyard into a natural habitat for birds by feeding them year-round. A plentiful supply of Pennington’s vitamin enriched bird foods will attract newly hatched birds, as well as many other varieties of seasonal migrating birds. Fresh seeds, a clean feeder, and a constant supply of clean water are preferred by birds.


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