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Towel dryer Energy Vega

Price €52 (€52 + €52 in CU)

Made in Italy by Amba. The thick, bold construction of the Vega V-2352 Towel Warmer makes an instant statement of luxury in modern bathrooms. This sleek and durable stainless steel towel warmer works perfectly to heat and dry large and small towels alike. This multi-functional piece also serves as an entire room heater in colder winter months. Easily integrate this striking towel warmer into your guest or master bathroom decor for a functional and comforting addition to the space. Select the ideal finish for your bath space.

Complete heated towel rail:
1. Towel dryer – 1 pc.
2. Bracket (telescopic clip) – 1 pc.
3. Instruction, packing – 1 pc.

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