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Portable Camp Grill and Charger

Price €172 (€122 + €50 in CU)

This system lets you cook, boil, and generate power by means of a smokeless furnace.

Going off the grid always got them fired up. This integrated generator system lets you cook, boil, and charge, all using the power of a compact, smokeless furnace. The kit includes a lightweight, portable grill and “KettlePot” attachments, plus a built-in charger that can power your smartphone or other USB-chargeable devices by converting heat into electricity. It also includes a flexible USB light which illuminates the grill and surroundings. This space-saving, comprehensive camp kitchen runs on renewable biomass such as twigs, pine cones, and wood pellets. Made in China.

This recently upgraded design features 50% more power, an integrated battery, and an updated LED dashboard for improved control.

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