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PowerSpa 7-Setting Luxury Hand Shower

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Finally, water conservation without sacrifice! This state-of-the-art hand shower makes saving water practical and convenient without giving up the enjoyment, speed and hydrotherapy benefits of a high-power shower. Its patented Pause switch allows you to turn water off when lathering, shampooing or shaving, then restore it instantly to full power and pre-set temperature. Striking spiral-design chrome face features advanced three-zone dial that delivers an array of luxurious flow patterns with high power and precision.

Pamper yourself with drenching Power Rain, rejuvenating Pulsating Massage or gentle Hydrating Mist to keep you warm while lathering and shampooing. You can also use soft Economy Rain to save water when full power is not needed. Extra-long 72-inch hose adds reach and mobility for your total shower convenience.

PowerSpa 7-Setting Luxury Hand Shower with On/Off Pause Switch, Chrome:

  1. Can be used as overhead or handheld shower
  2. Large 4″ Spiral chrome face
  3. 7 full click settings including Rain, Massage and Mist
  4. High-power 3-zone PrecisionFlo dial
  5. Rub-clean jets
  6. Easy-turn click lever
  7. Water-saving Economy Rain and Pause modes
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