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Rocky Mountain RMRC435 (2 Pack) Laser Radar Detector

Price €290 (€234 + €56 in CU)
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The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C435 is alaser/ radar detector and scrambler that features newDDI™ technology which gives more signal processingfunctions for enhanced performance and reliability. TheMicro-Scan™ enable these radar units to scan 2-4 times faster than any otherdetector and provides 100% probability of detecting POPradar.

The RMR-C435 supports Smart-Scan feature to lowerdown false alarms by immediately rescanningdetection before continuing scanning of additionalprograms.

RMRC435 Features:

  1. Laser/ Radar Detector &Scramblerer
  2. Detects All Radar Bands
    – X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Pulse & Instant-On
  3. Advanced Micro-Scan™ for POP Detection
  4. Smart-Scan™
    – Fast Detection & Elimination of FalseAlarms
  5. Undetectable to VG-2/VG-3
  6. Selectable VG-2 Detection Technology
  7. DDI™ Technology
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