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Sleeping bag ICELAND

Price €109 (€74 + €35 in CU)

One of the best and most reliable sleeping bags on the market for late fall outdoor trips. Increased width and length enables to put on additional layer of clothes in case of sudden temperature drop.

The fabric of the upper part (a lighter color) of the sleeping bag is breathable and is good ventilated. The bottom part of the sleeping bag is made of RipStop fabric, which is very strong. PU 250 mm H2O treatment protects from wind and rain. Ropes with different shape and color for defining the tightening of the top or the bottom of the hood only by touching. The roll along the border of the hood is a comfortable protection when the hood is tightened. The roll has a different width, to decrease the uncomfortable knots and folds.

Technical features:

  1. soft roll along the border of the hood
  2. anti-catch strap along the zipper
  3. the hood has 2 pillow entrances
  4. warming collar 360c
  5. possibility to zip together the sleeping bags with right and left zipper
  6. 3D shape of the hood
  7. luminescent loop on the slider of the zippers
  8. pack sack with compression straps that can be lengthened to turn the bag into an emergency backpack
  9. inner pocket made from soft mesh fabric
  10. loops in the top and in the bottom for drying the sleeping bag.
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