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STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

Price €148 (€112 + €36 in CU)

The Stauber Summit Snowboard is a high quality snowboard. Its innovative technology allows for a comfortable all mountain style of riding, in addition to an exhilarating park experience. The board shape prevents riders from catching an edge in snowy or icy conditions. With its twin directional shape and its camber rocker camber profile, the STAUBER Summit is perfect for a fun day on the mountain. Its designed to accommodate all levels of riding. From beginner to expert level, any rider will enjoy this snowboards unique handling qualities.


  1. Light weight All-Mountain style snowboard/ Injection molded, ridged binding
  2. Twin Directional Camber Rocker Camber Profile, 2 x 4 mounting system
  3. Sandwich construct – components: 100% Real Wood Core, ABS side wall, Rubber dampening strip, Steel edge side wall, Extruded base, Ridged Top & Bottom Sheet (scratch resistant)
  4. Bindings – Light weight, reinforced precision injection molded, Adjustable High back, Taught Ankle Strap, Toe Cap strap, Aluminum alloy 6061 Buckling mechanism
  5. Includes eight 14mm screws and 8 countersunk washers, 2 mounting discs , 1 FREE STAUBER Sticker
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