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Storex Spinning Desk Organizer

Price €12 (€7 + €5 in CU)

Keep your work area tidy and organized with the help of the Modern Spinning Desk Organizer. Made of a new-age plastic polymer, it has a high gloss look and contemporary appearance to coordinate with your other desk items. The durable construction of the black desk organizer is stiff and heavy, holding materials reliably where they can be easily retrieved. There are four separate compartments for holding office supply mainstays like paper clips, binder clips and more. It can also hold a cellphone and features integrated slots for business cards and sticky note pads. This spinning organizer comes in a case of four, making it easier to keep your desk free of clutter. It comes in handy in many workplace environments, as well as for storage at home or at school.

  1. Converts disorganized desktop into a tidy one
  2. High Gloss enhance the beauty and gives classy look
  3. Securely place on desktop to keep your supplies organized
  4. Ideal organizing solution for cellular phone
  5. High quality polymer construction ensures strength and durability
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