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TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food for Tropical Fish

Price €12 (€7 + €5 in CU)

TetraMin(R) Tropical Flakes have been improved with the fishkeeper’s success in mind. Our upgraded formula is nutritionally balanced to support health. TetraMin(R) Tropical Flakes continue to offer a complete diet with a clear water formula that’s easier to digest, leaving less waste in the tank.

Great for:

  • Top feeders
  • Mid feeders

Upgraded formula, now with prebiotics!

The Active Life Formula supports a long and healthy life. Based on studies and other support by nutritional experts, the propriety formula joins high quality, complete nutrition with even more benefits.

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TetraMin(R)’s multi-flake blend has seven distinct formulations for variety in color and nutrition. The inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids for energy, select proteins for growth and vitality, and quality base ingredients to ensure ideal nutrition is packed in every flake. A scientifically-developed blend that’s easily digested by fish, thereby helping to keep aquarium water clean and clear when used as directed. Tropical Flakes are highly digestible and made with rich shrimp proteins for brilliant color and healthy growth. This blend is formulated with a stabilized vitamin source and guaranteed nutrient percentages for fish health.

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