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Total Pillow

Price €7 (€5 + €2 in CU)

The Total Pillow is the amazing, versatile pillow that changes its shape in seconds for perfect support so you can bend it, twist it, and shape it to fit your needs. The Total Pillow is filled with tension-easing micro-beads and covered with brushed microfiber/stretchable fabric for comfort.

The Total Pillow supports your neck, ankles, and knees or anywhere you need total comfort! You can use total pillow anywhere, on a plane, in a car, watching TV, playing games.

  1. Total Pillow functions as an office chair pillow, bed rest pillow, or even car seat cushion.
  2. Microbead technology lets the pillow twist and contort to align with your spine for ultimate comfort.
  3. Total Pillow locks in various positions to solve multiple cervical, knee and back support problems.
  4. The perfect travel pillow; adjust shape to various positions for maximum comfort on long car trips, flights, or everyday commuting.
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