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Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifiers

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Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifiers delivers a superior sound quality incorporating advanced circuitry that greatly enhance reproduction of sound to achieve original quality. The PMA-720AE is built with advanced and smart technology in its beautiful design and Denon’s Direct Mechanical Ground Construction.

Denon PMA-720AE Integrated Amplifiers is equipped with an Advanced HC (High-Current) Single Push-Pull Circuit that enforces Denon’s design concept for pure audio amplification. This design ensures that you hear delicate musical details, reliably supported by plenty of power. Playback faithful to the original sound is also made possible by a circuit board layout that can handle the greater power from the amplifier section and appropriately respond to the output level and unique character of the signal. In addition, the internal construction of the PMA-720AE has been carefully designed to prevent unwanted vibration from adversely affecting the audio signal.

Advanced High Current (HC) Single-Push-Pull Circuit to balance musical detail and power

The amplifier circuitry employs an HC transistor with 3 times greater current capacity compared with conventional transistors, a significant new advance. A strictly-selected Dual FET is used in the input stage of the power amp to achieve greater stability in operation. And a new schottkybarrier diode, with 1.5 times the current capacity of conventional models and superior capability to supply current instantaneously, has been incorporated in the power circuit to ensure a consistently stable, beautiful sound.

High-speed, high-capacity power supply circuit for Advanced HC Single-Push-Pull

The PMA-720AE’s power circuit uses a block capacitor that Denon engineers have jointly developed with a parts manufacturer and a Schottky-barrier diode that features low internal resistance for low loss, short recovery time, and negligible rectifying noise. This highly stable electrical current supply further brings out the expressive power of sound produced by the Advanced HC Single-Push-Pull Circuit.

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