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VINGLI 15x7x7 Ft Portable Large Greenhouse

Price €90 (€60 + €30 in CU)

140G REINFORCED PE SHELTER: Eco-friendly, tough, durable, transparent UV protected & waterproof cover can be full colsed maintains high humidity levels for growing tropical plants, vegetables, fruiting plants and herbs.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION AGAINST WIND: This is a greenhouse for outdoors,sturdy rustproof fully galvanized powder coated frame can last a longer time, corver with velcro keep it safe from stripping by strong wind. And something heavy be put on the bottom will make it worker better.

ROLL-UP SIDE WINDOWS GOOD FOR PLANT BREATH: The six windows allow for cross ventilation and climate control while keeping pests and other threats out, and make for terrific flow-through cross ventilation and venting on hot days, protect your plant from weather change.

LARGE WALK-IN FLOWER HOUSE: High quality Metal zippered door allow people can open the door whether inside or outside, zippered roll-up door provides easy access to the inside and can be attached to the top in order to stay open.

EASY TO SET WITH INSTRUCTIONS: Indepented accessory bag include, each tube has their own letter marking for your indentifing. This is an ideal way to extend your growing season while easily managing your plants and protecting them from extreme temperatures.

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