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Workout Horizontal Bar

Price €241 (€180 + €61 in CU)

If you are looking for a Best Home Workout Exercise Gymnastics Bar Equipment for both Kids and Adults, this KT 2 tier portable folding free standing pull up station is a perfect choice of you.

It has horizontal bars, both of them can be adjusted easily to the right height for users.

The taller user will use the upper bar, its max height 92.5 inches (235cm) max load 440.9 pounds (200kgs). When the shorter user exercises, only mount the lower bar to the frame at the appropriate height level.

Min height of the lower bar is 53.1 inches (135cm) suitable for children about 39.3 inches tall. Children grow up, you can change the height of lower bar to higher level until they can use the upper bar.

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